PixLab Officially Launched

Dear folks,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our machine learning SaaS platform to the public.

PixLab is set of unified Restful APIs for all your media analysis & processing tasks. It is shipped with over 130 commands (API endpoints) including:

  1. Face detection, recognition, emotion, generation, lookup, landmarks, etc.
  2. Content Moderation & Extraction: nsfw, sfw, urlcapture, header, ocr, tagimg.
  3. Pixel Generation/Image processing.
  4. The ability to train your own object detector.

With this in hand, you can achieve amazing transformation to your input images & videos including:

  1. Mimic Snapchat filters
  2. Content filtering
  3. Blurring/Cropping human faces.
  4. MEME Creation.

and finally here is some useful links to start playing with:

  1. The PixLab API in 5 minutes or less: https://pixlab.io/#/start
  2. API Reference Guide: https://pixlab.io/#/api
  3. List of Images Analysis & Processing Commands: https://pixlab.io/#/cmdls
  4. The PixLab Sample Set: https://pixlab.io/#/examples

We are a small bootstrapped startup mostly composed of engineers distributed around the globe. It took us 10 months of tedious work to ship the first stable version of PixLab so we really hope that you enjoy it and we look forward to hear back from you guys!


Author: Root

Master of AI (Not related to Mr Wayne)

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