Full Scan Support for Malaysia and Singapore ID Cards

The PixLab OCR team is pleased to announce that it fully support now scanning ID cards from Malaysia (MyKad), Singapore, India Aadhaar, Emirates (UAE) ID & GCC Residence Card, US Driver's License, as well governments issued Passports from all over the world via the /docscan API endpoint.

Besides its robust text scanning features, the /docscan API endpoint shall Extract (crop) any detected face and transform the extracted text content such as ID card fields (name, ID number, address, etc.) or Passport Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) into JSON object fields ready to be consumed by your code.

Below, a typical output result of the /docscan endpoint for a Malaysian ID card (MyKad) input image:

Input ID card Specimen

ID card specimen

Extracted ID Card Fields

extracted fields

The same applies for Passports:

Input Passport Specimen

Passport Specimen

Extracted MRZ Fields

MRZ Fields

The code samples used to achieve such result are available to consult via the following Github links:

Face extraction is automatically performed using the /facedetect API endpoint. If you are dealing with PDF documents, you can convert them at first to raw images via the /pdftoimg endpoint.

Finally, the official endpoint documentation is available to consult at pixlab.io/cmd?id=docscan and a set of working samples in various programming language are available at the PixLab samples pages.