PixLab’s New Single Shot Livesness, Face Anti-Spoof & Deep-Fake Detector Model: Revolutionizing Face Authentication

What is Livesness Detection and Face Anti-Spoofing?

  • Livesness detection introduced in late 2023 and already integrated and available to FACEIO customers, also known as face anti-spoofing, is a security feature that ensures that the person being authenticated is a living human being and not a photo, video, or mask.
  • This feature is crucial in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information and systems.
  • However, livesness detection can be challenging to implement, as it imposes severe restrictions during authentication.
    • For example, users are not allowed to have a smartphone, laptop, or LCD screen behind them during the authentication process.
    • If any of these devices are detected, the authentication process is aborted, and an PAD_ATTACK error code is raised instead.

Example of Spoof ATTACKS deterred by our ML new model Livesness Detection Example

PixLab's New Single Shot Liveness, Face Anti-Spoof & Deep-Fake Detector Model To the Rescue

  • PixLab, a leading provider of AI-powered face authentication & Age Verification solutions, has recently released a new single shot livesness, face anti-spoofing, and deep-fake detector model for FACEIO.
  • This innovative model is designed to provide enhanced security and accuracy in face authentication, making it an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike.
    • One of the key features of this model is its ability to detect faces in a single shot, without requiring multiple images or video frames.
    • This makes the authentication process faster and more convenient for users, while still maintaining a high level of security.
    • In addition, this model is highly accurate and can detect even the most sophisticated face spoofing attacks, including those that use 3D masks and other advanced techniques.
    • This makes it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations that require a high level of security and accuracy in their face authentication systems. Customers are already invited to try out the new face Anti-Spoofing model directly within the FACEIO Widget!


  • PixLab's new single shot livesness, face anti-spoofing, and deep-fake detector model is a game-changer in the world of face authentication.
  • With its advanced AI algorithms and highly accurate detection capabilities, this model provides enhanced security and convenience for users, while still maintaining a high level of accuracy and reliability.
  • As the use of face recognition technology continues to grow, it is essential to have advanced solutions like PixLab's new model to ensure the security and privacy of our personal information.
  • Whether you are a business owner or an individual user, this model is an essential tool for anyone who values security and convenience in their face authentication systems.

Livesness Detection & Face Anti-Spoofing Security Feature Available for FACEIO

The FACEIO development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our Liveness Detection, Presentation Attacks Mitigation (PAD) & Face Anti-Spoofing Security Option. A highly requested feature by our customers that is now deployed & fully operational on FACEIO thanks to a PixLab implementation.

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Liveness detection in biometrics is the ability for a system to detect if the target face is real from a live person present at the point of capture or fake from a spoof artifact or lifeless body part.

Face Anti-Spoofing on the other side, is the task of preventing false facial authentication when implementing fio.js, our facial recognition library on your web site or application using a smartphone picture, or printed image for an authorized person's face.

Face Anti-Spoofing Security Option

Presentation Attacks Mitigation

With this security option enabled, Smartphone & Print Attacks originating from a static image or video stream are easily deterred during Authentication & Enrollment when enabled for your FACEIO application.

The Face Anti-Spoofing Security Option is immediately available to trigger from the Application Manager (Security Tab) on the FACEIO Console.

Press Release & Model Roadmap

Our Press Release document including a general overview of the approach used to implement Face Anti-Spoofing for FACEIO is available to consult at: cdn.faceio.net/faceio_liveness_detection.pdf.

This implementation & further model enhancements, are pushed transparently, and no action or code changes are required on your side. Just an option to trigger from the Application Manager on the FACEIO CONSOLE.

Implementation Overview

Once a new user enroll or authenticate on your application, the Face Anti-Spoof engine shall be triggered to filter out spoof & presentation attacks. Upon an attack is detected, the fioErrCode.PAD_ATTACK error code is raised, and you should act accordingly such as banning the acting user depending on your policy.

Please note that Face Anti-Spoofing mitigation is a resource intensive operation, therefore it is available starting from the Business Plan, and up. Nevertheless, it takes less than 600 milliseconds to execute thanks to a heavily optimized implementation.